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Vision-More Dramatic

From the Thrive Conference at Bayside Church in Granite Bay, CA... Ray Johnston gave the message at one of the sessions. He spoke on what he's being taught by very young leaders at Bayside. The young 19-30 year old innovators have challenged Ray (and me) to stretch our current thinking about the church and its effectiveness.

I'll be sharing seven aspects of what the church of the future (or the church WITH a future) should/must look like. In striving for a God-directed ministry accomplishing the impossible... here is the first characteristic.

1. Vision has to be more dramatic!

Vision that's boring... is just... well... tiresome. No one wants to follow a lackluster vision. You really can't even call it vision.

Anything dramatic has some aspects of 'drama' in it. Vision with drama sounds like something worth checking out and connecting with.

It's time for the church to mix it up (again). Get a vision that takes your breath away. I had that when I landed at Impact 11.5 years ago. I don't need more drama in my life. But I could use more dramatic vision in my church and my life.

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