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    Full Disclosure
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    Essentially, I'm the authority on this concept - failures and mistakes in church planting. If you are planting a church or thinking of planting a church... this book is for you. You can click on the picture above to buy direct from Amazon, or shoot me an email and I'll send it to you for $13.00 including shipping within the United States.

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Ministry-More Compassionate

Ministry is not about meeting the surface needs of all the followers. Young leaders let Ray Johnston know of their desire to be led well by elder leadership.

As I picture it, it's great to give the passing, "Praying for you," when rubbing shoulders with someone you know has a need. But is that really compassion?

Some show compassion by reaching out to the less fortunate. Others champion the rights of those who can't defend themselves. Maybe, compassion can be extended to those in your own family. How cool would it be for a teenager to really understand and empathize with a parent going through a tough time... instead of consistently being focused on their own world... their own emotions... and their own needs?

Are you short on compassion anywhere in your life? I think I'll go hug my kids.