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Future Church

The Thrive Conference with Ray Johnston changed lives again this year. I had the privilege of attending a session during a William Jessup University board meeting a few weeks ago.


I've always been a Bayside/Johnston fan. But I have added measures of respect, excitement and appreciation for the ministry of Johnston and particularly Thrive.

My understanding of the conference's purpose is to help produce healthy churches and leaders. There aren't many nobler causes, are there? Think about it. If healthy churches were in play... lives would change and needs would be met.

People would get saved.
Human trafficking would end.
Marriages would be restored.
The hungry would be fed.
The needy would have their needs met.
The weary would find encouragement.
The angry would find peace.
Those in pain would find joy.
The withdrawn would find connection.
The shy would reach out.
The less fortunate would be less unfortunate.

You get the picture. Pick a cause that's out there. Pick a need that's worthy of your time, talent and treasure - not to mention your prayers. If the churches in America (and abroad) were healthy... those needs would be met and lives would change exponentially around the globe.

Over the next set of posts, I'm going to reveal some insightful, challenging and convicting ideas I learned during Ray's address to the energetic attenders of the Thrive Conference. I think you'll be challenged in your thinking as well.


Happy Thanksgiving

Truly being thankful is almost always about perspective. If we compare ourselves with others less fortunate, our perspective puts us in a different frame of mind.

Sure, I may see shortfalls in my life. I may want more. I may be ill. I may be having serious struggles in a relationship. I may be in the middle of a divorce. I may hate my job. We all have issues... all of us. Some more intense than others - but we definitely have them.

BUT... some have lost loved ones today. Some are in the hospital seeing their friends or family breathing their last breaths. Some live in under-privileged countries where food is scarce. Millions are drinking water that we wouldn't let sit in our toilets, let alone our back yards... and they're dying every day. Worse yet, they're continuing to live in misery. Millions upon millions are starving to death, literally.

No need to go on... you get the picture, don't you? Yes, you may have a lot of struggles. Legitimate issues in your life. But Thanksgiving is a great time to put those hardships in perspective. Focus on what you have. Focus on the blessings right in front of your face. For those of us who live in the United States of America - we have a HUGE bundle of blessing in that fact alone. Let alone that many of you are Christians and have a sealed eternity with our Heavenly Father. Man - that alone puts me in a great frame of mind.

Happy thanksgiving all. It's all about focus and perspective. Give it a try.